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Through the vision of Al-Orouba schools we should be able to provide and support the nation with a productive citizen who is loyal to his Arab Islamic nation through advanced education that combines theory and application and uses technology and keeps up with the coming-ups according to the standards and to create a generation who benefit themselves and their community and have faith in cooperation , justice , tolerance , respect of everyone and of the other point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of their abilities and talents and care for the different aspects of their personality , rational , spiritual , emotional and physical and to raise them as stated by the standards of our holy religion and to be able to think logically and objectively and to pursue the knowledge and science by themselves so that they can face the challenges resulting from the current and future changes and to be able to adapt to the up-coming changes and to be proud of their history , identity , heritage , religion and the values of their nation and to be responsible and work hard to have a better life by being equipped with knowledge , science , technology and humanistics .

The School’s Philosophy

The school’s philosophy springs from the educational philosophy of the HKJ: 

To believe in Allah and the higher values of the nation and  in the fact  that the relation between Islam and Arabism is unrestrained, and to stand against all kinds of intolerance , racial , regional , sectarian , clan or family and to a achieve balance between the assets of the patriot , national personality on one hand and being open to the international cultures on the other ,and to believe that education is a social necessity and learning is a right for everyone and to direct the education process in a developmental way that raises the ability of the citizen to analyse, criticize , take the initiative , be creative and able to hold a positive dialogue , and to support the values taken from the Islamic , Arabic and humane heritage. 

Our philosophy is that the school is a home to raise , educate ,cultivate and teach and accordingly our motto is :

Al-Orouba is : knowledge , ethics , honesty  and loyalty.


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