Welcome Speech – Boys

Welcome Speech

The boys school includes the grades from the 6th grade up to  the12thgrade    ( scientific and literary ) , and is supervised by an elite group of famous teachers  for all fields and who are well-trained to use all modern teaching strategies and techniques whether face to face , distant or electronic under the supervision of a respected management well-known for its exceptional experience and reputation in this area.

   In this context, our school uses ( Salasel ) software that has been developed to keep up with the distant teaching process by broadcasting both recorded and live lessons in addition to worksheets , exams and homework. The school has been provided with four advanced studios prepared with all the electronic means to record live lessons and broadcast them to the students on the school’s platform.

    The boys section consists of 20 classrooms specified for a typical number of students and prepared with all that supports the educational process such as smart boards , air-conditioning , comfortable furniture in addition to two advanced computer labs , a library and a showroom provided with Internet and run by an elite group of technicians.

     Throughout the history of the boys school, many great achievements have been fulfilled that turned the school into a beacon of knowledge exceptional for its productivity and outcomes in the general secondary certificate exam on the level of the kingdom which made it one of the most reputable schools known for its both academic work and extracurricular activities that support the educational process.

     Our school will stay , as always ,  a torch of light that hopefully provides the nation with the men of the promising future.