General Manager Speech

The speech of the general manger

Alorouba , past , present and future.

"Alorouba” How great the influence of this word on the ears of those who hear it , and how beautiful its echo is. Since the beginning in 1987 and the stature has gone higher and higher and the roots have gone deeper into the depth of the Earth, and the branches have been  soaring higher to embrace the heaven . The drops of sweat are mixed with soil to put up glory and establish the edifice. 

Here is ( Al-orouba )  since the humble beginning which didn’t exceed 300 students male and female and a rented building and small number of buses , to a number of students that is around ( 2000 ) male and female and a modern building  that is equipped with the supreme scientific and technological , electronic and computer preparations in addition to a fleet of buses that gets through all the places . 

Here are our alumni everywhere, making their way through life depending on what they have learnt . Doctors , pharmacists , teachers , state men , Senators , MPs , ministers and some are students at the most respectable colleges and universities.  

What Al-orourba has achieved during this period is just a pursuit of our future ambitions if Allah wills.

General Manager

  Naim Dahbour