Girls School Regulations


Al-Oruba school applies the rules of student discipline which allows the school to modify the students’ behaviour positively and in an acceptable way using the preventive and curative methods through various educational means. In addition, the school administration documents the unacceptable behaviour of the student who violates the rules and how often this behaviour recurs , which is reported by the class educator and the educational instructor , so that it is kept in a record by the administration and the parent will be notified about it in writing.

At the beginning of every academic year, the school notifies the parents and the students about these rules in an explanatory leaflet:

    1. Students must wear the school uniform, and when they have a Physical Education class they must wear the sport clothes.
    2. Parents should call the school or provide a written excuse if the student is going to be late to school. Otherwise , the school will contact the parents to inform them about their child’s lateness.
    3. No nuts, gum or any kinds of refreshments are allowed at school.
    4. Wearing gold or accessories is prohibited at school.
    5. Manicure , hair straightening , and hair dyeing in different colours are prohibited at school and hair must be raised.
    6. Female students who wear hijab must stick to the white or beige colours only.
    7. No birthday parties are allowed at any of the school departments during the working hours of the school , except for the kindergarten.
    8. The school is not responsible for any gathering of students out of the school hours and any problems that might result consequently.
    9. Any student who writes on the walls of the school or on its desks or causes damage to its furniture will be fined 25 JDs and will be subjected to the rules of discipline endorsed by the Ministry of Education.
    10. No cameras, electrical appliances , mobile phones or electronic devices are allowed at school.
    11. Students can’t get out of the class or go home without notifying the administration and the floor supervisor.
    12. Mobile phones are not allowed at school and can’t be used except for the most necessity. They must be handed to the administration in the morning with awritten note by the parent. ( The administration is always available whenever the student needs help )
    13. When the school sends messages as SMS or written notes including instructions or notifications, everyone is kindly required to respond to these messages. Be noted that the school is not responsible in the case of changing your phone numbers and not receiving these messages, so, please, inform the school whenever you change your phone number.
    14. Honouring the top students of the first semester is held at the beginning of the second semester and the exact date will be announced on its time for each department.
    15. Students must bring all the tools and materials necessary for the class.
    16. Students must listen intently and participate actively.
    17. Students must keep the class clean.
    18. Students are not allowed to disrupt the class or encourage each other to do so.