KG Regulations

KG Regulations

Dear parents

Here are some rules , regulations and instructions that will facilitate and activate the cooperation between the family and the kindergarten which will benefit our dear kids.

The rules and regulations

  • The morning shift for our kids starts at 7:30 am and lasts up to 8:00 am and the waiting period lasts up to 1:45 pm
  • The school uniform is a must / black shoes.
  • Dear parents , at the end of each academic allowance ( i.e. every Thursday ) we will send the books of the students and the worksheets to be checked , bearing in mind that they must be looked after and returned to school at the beginning of the week, so kindly send a big bag with the student on the Thursday of every week.
  • A meeting will be set between the teachers and the parents during the academic year to give the parents the chance to be familiar with them and to discuss all that concerns the kids in a calm atmosphere , and if the parents want to speak to the teacher of their kid, an appointment will be arranged with the head teacher of the kindergarten.
  • Dear parents, you are kindly requested to return any form sent to you by the administration whether it is accepted or rejected and that is to avoid any problems . The form must be sent back a day ahead of the time set for its purpose so that the system will not be disturbed.
  • We will check on the students’ hair once a week and in the case of lice the parents will be informed and the students won’t be allowed to return until the cleanliness of their hair is guaranteed.
  • In the case the student is affected by a contagious illness, he/she won’t be allowed to be sent to school so that the contagion won’t be spread to the other students.
  • You are kindly requested not to ask repeatedly for the kid to leave the school without the bus if the kid is registered in the school transportation as this will disturb the system of the kindergarten.

Please, inform the administration if the person who is supposed to take the kid back home is changed as it is prohibited for the kid to leave with anyone who hasn’t been already reported to the administration. It is necessary to bring a legal document to prove the relation of this person to the kid.


Dear respectful parents:

  • The kids will be trained to use the sanitary facilities of the kindergarten at the start of the academic year so that they can depend on themselves in case the janitors are not available.
  • We would like to inform you that the kindergarten certificates will be handed twice a year, the first is at the end of the first semester to be signed by the parents and then returned to school on time, and the second is at the end of the academic year.
  • The winter and summer vacations will be for the kindergarten students before the primary stage students.
  • Having hygiene in the school bag is necessary.
  • Hygienic paper packet , and big size perfumed hygienic paper must be brought



  1. The name of the kid must be written on his/her clothes from within, with a pen and this must be checked regularly to make sure that the kid’s clothes won’t be lost in the bus.
  2. An alternative set of clothes suitable for all weather conditions must be available in case of emergencies and the name of the student must be written ( of the student’s clothes and not the school uniform )
  3. Dear parents , you are kindly requested to send healthy food with the kid like vegetables , fruit and sandwiches and to reduce the amount of sweets and chocolate so that the child can have healthy meals.
  4. Class educators must be provided with the parents’ mobile numbers at the beginning of the academic year in addition to the number of a person who can be reached in case the parents aren’t available.
  5. Please take care of the following: the cleanliness of the kid, combing his/her hair, clipping his/hair nails , keeping his/her uniform clean and ironed and changing their underwear regularly.
  6. Any problem that the child has, must be reported to the administration at the beginning of the academic year to be considered.
  7. As birthdays are important in kindergarten, we normally celebrate them at the end of each month and parents will be informed to coordinate the event with the kindergarten.
  8. Kids aren’t allowed to bring their own toys to school unless this occurs upon the request of the teacher for an educational purpose.
  9. Wearing gold is not allowed lest it might be lost and the school is not responsible for the loss of any golden piece .
  10. Dear parents , please ,provide the kids with their own drinking water daily
  11. Please, check the bags of the kids for the left overs of food daily.