Welcome Speech – Girls

Welcome Speech

The girls school includes the grades from the 1st grade up to the 12th grade  ( scientific and literary ) , and is supervised and followed up by an elite group of teachers ( male and female ) knownfor their long experience and high competence and whoare well-trained to use all modern teaching and assessment strategies and techniques for the purpose of distant learning using ( Salasel ) software and the schools platform (online.alorubajo.com) that has been developed to keep up with thedemands of the current stage by broadcasting videoed , recorded and live lessons in addition to using normal and interactive worksheets and exams through a special link that enables all students and parents to access it and follow up the classes and keep in touch with the management and the teachers.

    The school consists of a total of 22 rooms, 15 of which are classrooms in addition to management offices and facilities such as the library that has the most modern books, a data show room, science labs and computer labs that are provided with interactive boards and Wi-Fi and run by well-trained lab technicians who keep up with the latest technologies.

     The school gained a great reputation through the annual results of the general secondary stage certificate as almost every year there are top students on the level of the kingdom in both branches scientific and literary.

       The curricular and extracurricular activities have their share in the school, where there is an annual plan for these activities because of their significance in qualifying the student , achieving the right balance for her and preparing her for the future. This plan is prepared and followed up by a whole team of activity teachers and admins.